Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Little John with a Little Wish.... heartbreaking, ... but a moment ofhappiness is possible

This story had a good beginning. A beginning that lasted five years, then something happened. Something so intense and overwhelming that stripped this family of daily life, routine, hope and all sense of the world. I want to share their story because this story can happen to any family. It has happened to so many families. It will happen to more families. A story of one family allows us the opportunity to provide support to many, to help when it happens, and to bring a dream and solace to this one little boy. This story is close to me, for he is my neighbor, my friend and a child that has brought light to everyone around him, until one day when he couldn’t.

Little John is five years old. He is smart, curious, hyper, and full of love. This child has more energy than my five young dogs combined. Little John uses his physical energy by hopping and jumping, running, dancing and making everyone happy. Little John has a heart that beyond that of any living being I have met. Last Christmas (at age 4) he saw a homeless man on the street and told his mom that he would give up all his toys for Christmas so they could bring home the homeless man and give him a place to live.